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Rennes-the-castle ( Rennes le chateau ) , what a business! profitable business for some, center of mystery for others, Rennes-the-Castle ( Rennes le chateau ) attracts each year of the thousands of curious.
Human psychology has such distortions that little of them will acknowledge without embarrassment the real reason for their visit!...
At modest present village of some fires, Rennes-the-Castle was, here more than 1000 years, a fortified town Wisigothe of most imposing.


Rennes le Chateau
Rennes the Castle

 le curé - Rennes le Chateau -

Named cleaned to Rennes-the-Castle ( Rennes le Chateau ) in 1885, François Berenger Saunière , old 33 years, soon will live the most fabulous adventure which a man can dream.
Very quickly wearied from an idle existence, it will read much. Thus, the following year, a quite curious work of strong scholarship " the true Celtic language " will bring it closer its author the Abbot H. Boudet whom he connait of long date.
Boudet lending the book, narquois to him, advised to him to read there between the lines. Curious spirit, Saunière will undertake to excavate the past, the history of the area.
Native of Montazels, child of the country, it knows the local legends well, but like each one here, a great attention does not grant to it. And yet...


Rennes the Castle : Rennes le Chateau défraie the literature and causes the most incredible assumptions,
the treasure of the Saunière abbot seems to resist any approach, with any reality!.
The enigma of Rennes the Castle y gains undoubtedly, being strengthened year after year.


Rennes the Castle
The site of the researchers


Because it anything of is not hidden, which should not be discovered,
nothing secrecy which should not be known and put at the day.


" the fleury knew the secrecy of Blanchefort "... Fleury which, little before 1818, was still owners of Baings of Rennes and the grounds of Blancheforts ... It is this family of Blanchefort which saw one of its sons becoming Grand' Maître of the Order of the temple and for this reason, to ensure the guard of the Castle of Gisors ; can be that of its legendary treasure.
" fall It from Marie d' Hautpoul de Blanchefort holds the key of a secrecy"... This flagstone is in the cemetery. Advised spirit equipped with a good solid feel, it will decipher it such the " Shepherds of Arcadie " of Nicolas Poussin in front of " and in arcadia ego " of their tomb.
Engraved here also, this currency, by its skilful C-W communication and simple calculation, becomes " I am in the mystery ", but also " I am with kana "


Research in Rennes the Castle is not parts of scouting. Rennes the castle causes passions. Its supposed gold, its unquestionable mystery do not attract only archaeologists, where gold diggers. There are naturally people ready to harm whoever appears to them to go on their discoveries.
For more than one hundred years, in addition to many strangenesses, there have been deaths curious in the history about Rennes the Castle.
In February 1915, the Rescanières abbot cleaned of Rennes the Baths , small neighbouring village, is found died with the presbytery of his cure. He had received the day before the visit from two abroad whom one ever re-examined. Its co-religionist the Boudet abbot who seems T-it had something to say on the death of Rescanières dies him even in atrocious sufferings before to have been able to speak.
At All Saints' day of 1897 the Gélis abbot cleaned of Coustaussa , opposite Rennes the Castle to him also was found died crashed to pieces cranium.
He was discovered in the field of Salt box in Rennes the Castle three corpses in a state of decomposition, which could not be identified.
Mrs Roumens-Heel niece of Marie Dénarnaud , who had jewels coming from Rennes the Castle was assassinated in Paris on August 28, 1974!.



Rennes the Castle